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A Statesman fears God and does what is just; a politician fears man and does just enough to get himself re-elected.

Statesmen legislate according to what is the right thing to do. Any bill I will look at with this filter; is it right by the constitution, is it right by my constituents, and most importantly is it right?

There are many important issues but I feel these three are critical right now to our commonwealth.

Take the power away from career politicians:
Unfortunately many politicians instead of a sense of servitude have a sense of entitlement. Government is not only more efficient but more effective when it is accountable to you. To effectively represent the people, service as a representative should be a temporary endeavor. I will push for term limits for all state elected offices and elimination of many of the unfunded lifetime pension of elected representatives. The office should not be a career but temporary servitude to those you represent.

Control back in the Tax-Payers hands:
Special taxing districts have the power to tax without approval of any direct authority, including the tax payers. While there are many great services some of these special taxing districts provide, others go unchecked and fatal flaws in the original formation of these districts have never been corrected since their inception. I will support and push legislation to correct the tax-rate formula calculations that result in “huge” tax increases. I will push for accountability of these special taxing districts; giving elected officials in our fiscal court responsibility to approve their budgets. Unelected administrators with the interest of their budget should not be permitted to make the decisions without checks and balances on what they spend our money on.

Balance our own budget and create jobs:
The debt accumulated in Kentucky over the past decade by Frankfort politicians in both political parties has been staggering – more than forty billion dollars. While we have a balanced budget, spending using refinanced debt is out of control. There are three things we need immediately. Cut spending and eliminate waste; not being beholden to lobbyist I will do what is necessary. Increase revenue by increasing Kentucky’s economy; as we increase jobs we will increase our base. Being a small business owner I understand jobs and the damage of over regulations and will fight for businesses and small farms. Finally I will support a Kentucky Debt Ceiling legislation to set a limit on how much we may borrow as well. We need to do more and if you do not like what has been happening in Frankfort; you may want to look at who has been there and decide this time to elect a business man and statesman to represent you.

3 thoughts on “On the Issues

  1. Rick, you have always been a man of your word and you stood up for your beliefs. Our country must have men with your character filling these offices especially when we are in the shape we are in. I pray God has his hand on you and your family in this campaign and I pray He gives you the wisdom and understanding you need to win this battle! Our country is depending on you!

  2. This state cannot afford to keep electing politicians that serve their on self-interest,and are beholden to only the special-interest groups that fund them for their on financial gain. Rick is a man of integrity that will only answer to the Constitution,(that he will uphold to the highest degree) and see that “WE THE PEOPLE” are treated with the utmost respect,and given back our Government in a limited role as it was intended.

  3. The most important thing I know about Ricky Hostetler is that he is
    %100 CRAP FREE! –that’s tough to beat and that’s right, I said it!

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