Meet Ricky

Ricky Hostetler is a native to Kentuckian. His passion over politics and heartfelt esteem for our commonwealth and nation has compelled him to divert efforts from his electrical contracting business, and humbly seek a term representing Kentucky’s 17th Senate District with honor and commitment as a true citizen legislator.

rick25.jpgAs your senator I will fight for conservative principles and values. I have decided to run to stand up and defend liberty, preserve the merit of public service, and stop federal overreach. It was on 9-12-2009 in Washington DC when I joined hundreds of thousands of others at a rally and march at our nation’s capital when I first felt the urgency to serve. Like many of you, I too see the direction our country is going and wanted to make a difference for my children. A difference founded on a restoration of principles and values. A difference made by we the people to help restore our voice, restore family values, restore communities, and restore our great state and commonwealth.

  • Concerned citizen who recognizes the detrimental impact of excessive government spending and intrusion into personal property and liberties
  • Lives on a small Scott County farm for 24 years raising cattle, tobacco, and hay
  • 21 years serving and employing Kentucky residents through his electrical contracting business (building local schools, churches, hospitals, and commercial buildings)
  • Devoted Husband to Donna Hostetler for 27 years
  • Father of four children (ages 7-25)
  • Sunday school teacher
  • Scott County Republican Executive committee member

My philosophy is shaped by my faith and appreciation of our founding principles that have proven over time to be the most successful formula for liberty.

Like our founding fathers and their fathers before them, I too believe “Public virtue cannot exist in a nation without private virtue, and public virtue is the only foundation of republics.” -John Adams. With firm reliance on Divine Providence I know that our rights are endowed by our Creator, not men. I will have a strong commitment to family values and the sanctity of life. As a husband, father, and Sunday School teacher I understand and am passionate about family values and will help stand for what you believe and more importantly what is right.

When you are in debt to another, you enter into a slave/master relationship with that person. We are enslaving the next generation and we should not borrow against the future and pass on debts to our children. We need to stop talking about change and make the tough choices now to balance our states budget. As a local business owner I understand what it takes to create jobs and as a conservative understand that government needs to get out of the way of small businesses.

There is a fundamental problem when there are more regulations on small businesses, farmers, and individuals than there is by the people on out of control taxing districts. There is an issue when we keep electing career politicians and the problems keep getting worse under their watch. The problem is not the government but the people in it. Government is not only more efficient but more effective when it is accountable to you. To effectively represent the people, service as a representative should be a temporary endeavor (not a career in politics). As a registered republican and long time conservative I believe less government is better government and will defend the principles you believe.

My name is Ricky Hostetler and I am running for Kentucky Senate in District 17, which encompasses Scott, Grant, Owen, and much of southern Kenton County. I appreciate your vote in the Republican Primary on May 22nd.

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